Stats for This Week

Assuming that I didn’t forget to log something, these are my stats for this past week, including Today:

Pimsleur minutes practiced: 280. I completed lessons 2-26, 2-27, 2-28, and 2-29. I might do the second half of 2-29 once more before moving onto 2-30.

Anki vocabulary flashcards practiced: 625.

Anki grammar flashcards practiced: somewhere between 10 and 30.

My record keeping for Anki grammar cards wasn’t that great. Also I didn’t really spend a lot of time on grammar review this week. And I know that Anki keeps its own stats, so I should probably familiarize myself with that.

I’m coming up on completing Pimsleur II and I’m still undecided about whether I should switch it up and give Glossika a try for the next several months or if I should spring for Pimsleur III. I bought Glossika some time ago and it’s just collecting dust in iTunes, as it were. I really do like Pimsleur: it’s possible to practice in the car (I don’t think that Glossika is as good a fit for this) and I get a lot of enjoyment out of leveling-up to each subsequent Pimsleur lesson.


I’ve been trying something new this week: LingQ. It’s $10/month and so far I think that it’s worth it, assuming that I’m actually learning and not just fooling myself into thinking that I’m learning. The way that LingQ works, in brief, is that it gives you lessons in the form of short stories. As you read the stories, you click to identify words that you already know or you click to learn the definitions of words that you don’t know. The status of these words, whether you know them or have seen them before, is conveyed as a highlight or lack of highlight on the words when they reappear subsequently in the story. After you read through a section of a lesson, it presents some of the words to you as flashcards to test your comprehension. I’m sure that there are manyof other features in the service but this is only what I’ve used so far.

I’m currently working through a story about a man and a woman who meet and decide to go on a date. I feel like I’m actually reading and understanding the story, which is giving me a big sense of accomplishment. But am I retaining these new words that I’m encountering? Time will tell.

The company’s founder, Steve Kaufmann, has a channel on YouTube where he talks about language learning, and it’s watching his videos that convinced me to give it a try. Specifically, his video about vocabulary building vs. vocabulary memorizing.

Anyway, so far I’m liking the service. Their iPhone app is good, which is how I’m using it. I’ll update later on whether I continue to find it useful.




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