Early January Update

It’s been over a month since my last post. It’s been a busy past month:

  • My wife and I went on our Honeymoon
  • We celebrated Christmas
  • Lots of Christmas-related Travel
  • Lots of New Year-related work activities

For the most part I’ve kept up with my flash cards, even sporadically during my week and a half Honeymoon.

I completed Pimsleur Russian II and since then, I sunk a few hours into copying a transcript that I found of Pimsleur Russian III into a new Anki deck and sentence-mining it with cloze deletions. Cloze deletions are seriously the best thing that I’ve discovered recently.

Today, this hour (just a few minutes ago), I started dusting off my Glossika files, and organizing them into week and day-based playlists in iTunes. I bought a new personal computer (“new to me”—a late 2012 model) with enough disk space to allow me to extract all of the Glossika files. My work computer, with dozens of Docker images, checked-out repos, and everything else, was majorly cramped for space.

Side-note: the five year old Mac Mini that I bought has the exact same CPU specs as the Mini’s being sold brand new by Apple (which is a shame). The only difference is that the memory is upgradable. Upon receiving my Mini I promptly upgraded its RAM (which I already had from a previous MacBook Pro), and installed an SSD. I have to imagine that this puts it on par with a brand new Mini, except that I paid a few hundred dollars less, and it has space available to add a second hard drive if I want.

Since making the Pimsleur III flash cards, I’ve stopped studying my vocab deck. However, I think that I’m going to bail on the Pimsleur cards, or at least, I’m not going to make any more after I learn all of the ones I’ve already made (up through lesson 8, I believe).

I think that for the next few months I’m going to dedicate all of my language learning efforts on using Glossika and LingQ reading.


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