Glossika: Two Weeks In

Since I started Glossika, two weeks or so ago, I’ve done an hour every day except for one or two days. I’m following Glossika’s 5 month/21 week schedule which has me doing half an hour of Glossika Mass Sentence (“GMS”) files and a half our of Glossika Spaced Repetition (“GSR”) files per day (four files total per day). I think that Glossika is working. At least I hope that it’s working: an hour a day for five months is a lot of time to waste if it ends up not working.

Using Glossika I’ve picked up more vocabulary and I’m getting a lot of experience listening and speaking at full speed. “At full speed” is one of my criticisms of Glossika, but I think that the speed of its recordings is probably one of the attributes that makes it successful (if it ends up being successful for me). Generally I can keep up with listening and repeating the GMS sentences at full speed, but sometimes, especially on the longer sentences, I just can’t keep up. I quickly mumble through them, making noises that somewhat sound like the actual sentence. When I encounter a long GMS sentence, I try to grab onto one or two specific words and focus on learning those. Over several days I’ll chip away on the longer sentences one or two words at a time.

An hour a day is a long time and some days I don’t have a complete hour to myself in the evening to do all four files. On these days, I try to do the first GSR file on the drive into work and the second GSR file during my lunch break. Then, at home, I’ll do both GMS files. This is the opposite of the way that Glossika recommends that you structure your sessions (they recommend GMS before GSR, if I recall correctly), but it fits my schedule better some days.

Glossika says that you shouldn’t rely on it alone for language learning progress, and that you should use it along with other methods. Unfortunately, since I’m spending an hour a day on Glossika, I don’t have much time for anything else. When I do have extra study time, I’ve been using LingQ. My Anki decks, however, are collecting dust. My hope is that in another four and a half months or so, when I complete this Glossika schedule, I will have made significant progress, and neglecting Anki won’t have negatively impacted my progress more than my time with Glossika has benefited it.


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